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Listed below are the Data University webinars that we recommend you watch and learn from if you are trying to gain more insight into the area of Creative development. 

12 CREATIVE Steps to your Most Successful Direct Marketing Effort EVER

In this webinar, Carol Levy shares the differences between advertising brand and direct marketing. She shares what media works well for direct versus simple image marketing or branding. Carol also provides 12 key elements to making direct marketing work. She provides insight as to how to stay focused to the very end of the project. Carol shares how the direct marketing challenge you want to accomplish determines the strategy and what it takes to bring that to completion.

Carol Worthington-Levy
Developing a Creative Strategic Plan

Join Greg Bruner as he shares that success is not a matter of luck.  Greg details what you need for a successful marketing campaign: The Correct Elements of the Offer, Quantifying Your Objective, and Identification of the Market Situation.  Greg shares examples of how these components were brought together into successful campaigns.

Greg Bruner
Using Words to Drive Direct Marketing: The Essentials of DM Copywriting

Tom Freeman shares his insights of many years of copywriting to differentiate how you should communicate based on the medium used.  He shares that words on paper are different than words on the web and that these all differ from words used in speeches.  In this webinar, Tom shares how to effectively write about your business in several formats.  This is an entertaining and enlightening look at how to use the written word.

Tom Freeman
Motivating Creative That Drives Purchasing Behavior

In this webinar Lisa Freeman and Tom Klug demonstrate a variety of ways that data can be used to create successful marketing efforts that either motivate the target audience to increase their spending on current products or services, or cross over to others.  Additionally, Lisa and Tom demonstrate how “data” can be interpreted in a variety of ways to increase the effectiveness of creative.

Lisa Freeman & Tom Klug
Relationships and the Creative Process

In this webinar Randi Wine will discuss the primary role of good direct marketing creative, How the creative process integrates: (1) What we want the customer to know about us and, (2) What we know about the customer.  Randi uses three case studies to define how to establish brand, capitalize on segmentation variables and how to effectively use affinity marketing.

Randi Wine
Measurement: The Distance Between Failure and Success

In this webinar Grant Johnson explains how to reduce the difference between success and failure by incorporating the proper list and media selections, the proper offer and messaging strategies. Grant expands upon how best to design campaigns and develop a testing matrix to maximize success. Finally, Grant takes a look into the future to see how direct marketing will be used to drive successful marketing strategies.

Grant A. Johnson
Say the Right Thing

Maximizing your communications to your target audience is important in driving and maintaining business.  Are you currently using quantitative and segmentation schemes to develop your creative and packaging?  In this webinar, Gayle Davey provides insight into using attitudinal data to improve your direct marketing communications by “Saying the Right Thing”.  Additionally, Gayle will share why it has become harder and harder for our marketing messages to be heard.  Finally, she provides a point of view for messaging and shares why you use segmentation to guide creative development.

Gayle Davey
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