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CRM Introduction

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Listed below are the Data University webinars that we recommend you watch and learn from if you are trying to gain more insight into the area of Customer Relationship Management (CRM). 

Customer Centric CRM

Customer focused CRM implementation requires proper planning, process development and technology to make quality decisions. Focus should be on the customer rather than market share. Join Darcy Bevelacqua as she shares why effective CRM implementations are critical to the success of companies.  Learn why customer focused CRM implementation requires planning, process and technology to successfully implement. -- Understand why it is important to: Focus on the customer share not just market share and segment customers by value in order to understand who you want to retain and invest in.  Also, integration across the company will enable you to answer the questions, Which prospects look like my most profitable customers? What product and service mix will increase customer satisfaction and reduce churn? How often shall I communicate and through which channels?

Darcy Bevelacqua
Best-in-Class Customer Loyalty & Advocacy Strategies

In this webinar, Chris Moloney shares 10 winning strategies to drive customer value and loyalty in retail marketing. Chris also shares 10 examples of great loyalty leaders and the keys to creating the discipline of customer retention. Finally, he shares some unique innovations and opportunities in retail loyalty marketing and provides some amazing loyalty findings.

Chris Moloney
CRM: A Practical Approach

Customer Relationship Management is often misunderstood.  There is a practical approach that all marketers can adopt to assist in understanding their customers.  In this webinar, Andy Cutler details a practical approach.  Andy discusses Customer Relationship Marketing vs. Customer Relationship Management, The three stages of CRM development, Evolving your capabilities in two key areas: Data Integration and Measurement, Measuring your way to CRM success and Data integration challenges and best practices.

Andy Cutler
Key Goals and Trends of Loyalty Initiatives

In this webinar, Chris Moloney shares why it is important to focus on customer loyalty, how to drive customer loyalty initiatives, typical loyalty objectives, and keys to customer loyalty today.  Chris further provides insight into loyalty trends, the disintegration of the sales channel, when loyalty takes hold and the Customer Ownership Matrix.  Finally, Chris shares some of the best of breed companies using loyalty initiatives and some of the techniques these companies are employing.

Chris Moloney
Measuring your Customer Retention Marketing Efforts: Best Practices Case Study

It is more cost efficient to retain customers and acquire new ones. Brad Rukstales will teach you how to identify which customers to keep and how to keep them happy through a defined process. In this webinar, Brad will share how to clearly identify customers at risk through triggers and a modeled approach to ensure maximum insight while measuring and evaluating success. Finally, Brad will provide a case study to present and show how these steps are put into action.

Brad Ruckstales
Optimize Your Cross Sell Program

In this webinar, Barbara Lewis and Dan Otto define cross selling and the issues associated with cross selling.  They discuss how to identify the customer lifetime value and why customer equity plays a large role in the customer experience.  Barbara and Dan give great insight into utilizing the market response curve and share why spending a lot of money will not guarantee you get all the customers.  Finally, Barbara and Dan use case studies to define successful  cross selling steps, how to identify cross selling opportunities, how to evaluate the cross selling success and elasticity and how to determine an optimal cross selling budget.

Barbara Lewis & Dan Otto
Say the Right Thing

Maximizing your communications to your target audience is important in driving and maintaining business.  Are you currently using quantitative and segmentation schemes to develop your creative and packaging?  In this webinar, Gayle Davey provides insight into using attitudinal data to improve your direct marketing communications by “Saying the Right Thing”.  Additionally, Gayle will share why it has become harder and harder for our marketing messages to be heard.  Finally, she provides a point of view for messaging and shares why you use segmentation to guide creative development.

Gayle Davey
Retention Email: Techniques You Should Be Using NOW!

In this webinar, you will learn how to improve your odds for success by increasing your deliverability in the e-mail marketing channel. Reggie Brady will provide tips for good design a content development. Reggie also provides six specific tactics you can put to work to improve performance. Finally, Reggie shares how to benchmark your success by implementing metrics that will be key to measuring the effectiveness of your e-mail marketing campaigns.

Reggie Brady
Real Time Analytics