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Social Media & Digital Marketing

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Listed below are the Data University webinars that we recommend you watch and learn from if you are trying to gain more insight into the area of Social Media & Digital Marketing.

The Role of Social Media in Today’s Marketing Mix

Scott Hildebrand discusses the role of social media in today’s marketing mix. Scott defines social media and shares how consumers use social media in their lives today. Scott goes on to share how consumers have been affected by the social media buzz through videos, blogs, reviews, professional networks and personal networks. Scott shares that consumers have trained themselves to believe in the wisdom of crowds. He then shares ideas of how that phenomena can be use to develop advocacy for consumer products in the market place.

Scott Hildebrand
Viral Marketing -- How To Make it Contagious

Sherrie Perkovich provides great insight into viral marketing by clearly defining the process and using case studies to drive home useful, pertinent points. She also provides keys to success to drive success factors for all viral campaigns. The lines between traditional, direct, online, and viral marketing continue to blur. Target audiences are demanding unique, customized experiences on their terms, schedules. The net result is that customers want and expect more, marketers need increasingly sophisticated solutions to meet customer demands & deliver relevant messages to combat the consumer perfect storm that has been created. As a marketer you need to understand how to effectively use viral marketing.

Sherrie Perkovich
Developing A Social Media Strategy: The Road Ahead

Everyone is talking about social media these days. How do you get your organization involved and where do you start ? In this seminar Darcy Bevelacqua defines the 4 key steps to developing and executing your plan. It covers your strategy, technology, and metrics to help you create a successful program. Learn how to get started and what to consider before you engage with your customers and prospects in order to improve your success rate and build your brand reputation.

Darcy Bevelacqua
Social Media 101 -- Just the Basics

In this webinar, Sherrie Perkovich provides a detailed understanding of social media, while sharing how to make social media actionable. In this webinar, you will learn about the history of social media, be introduced to social media terminology and buzzwords, get an overview of viral marketing, understand why you want to become a “verb” and learn what you “must do” to be successful within the social media marketing space. Finally, Sherrie shares case study insights to drive home the points made within the presentation.

Sherrie Perkovich
Introduction To Mobile Marketing

This webinar is designed to give listeners a general introduction to mobile marketing. We will discuss what mobile marketing can and cannot do and the various tools available in the mobile marketing toolkit. More importantly, we will discuss the important questions that must be answered to determine if mobile is right for your brand and the strategic considerations that must be done before starting down the mobile marketing path. Examples will be given to illustrate the results that mobile can achieve.

At least three things you will learn from this webinar include:
How to create a mobile strategy
What are the various tactics available with mobile
How to make mobile a competitive advantage for your brand

Steve Snyder
Marketing To Communities

Communities are different than market segments. Community members can tell you which communities they are part of, segment members cannot. How are you maximizing communities in your business? Today, markets consist of dynamic communities form by individuals based on common needs, wants, and inches. In this webinar, Randy Hlavac discusses how to implement community marketing strategies. Randy discusses how segmentation as we know it is dead, and relationships are much broader than currently defined. He will share that marketing models are evolving where the marketing goal is to become the trusted gateway to relevant communities.

Randy Hlavac
Profit Elevation with Inbound Marketing

This presentation is delivered by marketing industry veteran, George Bardenheier. He is President of Notch Interactive, a Chicago based online marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses grow their profits through the Inbound Marketing methodology. In this presentation, George goes through the four different phases of Inbound Marketing. These phases are: 1. Attracting website visitors to a client site with search engine optimization, keyword marketing and social media 2. Converting those visitors to interested prospects with calls to action, landing pages and contact forms 3. Engaging and educating those prospects and then converting them to satisfied clients with content marketing and email marketing 4. Growing more business by getting referrals from existing clients using social media and reviews.

 George Bardenheier
The Anatomy of Online Advertising

Creating a successful online advertising campaign depends on a number of factors and not just where the ad is placed. The message and it’s correlation with each online channel is important, as well as how success is defined and measured. Michael discusses the critical elements of a successful online advertising campaign and what approach marketers should take.


 Michael Ouellete
Developing a Profitable Social Media Strategy

This webinar is designed to give viewers a game plan for pursuing social media in a profitable way. It explains what companies need to think through in order to effectively synthesize social media tools like blogging, Facebook and Twitter, to engage effectively with clients and potential clients online. We will discuss how social media is used, how to choose the online tools that will work best for your business, how to measure social media success, and how to integrate a social media plan into your company. This webinar lays out what a social media strategy is, how to develop one, and ultimately how to execute a strategy. The webinar also helps companies determine whether they ought to hire a social media consultant, or do it themselves.

At least three things you will learn from this webinar include:
The key, tangible ways to benefit from social media
Why your company needs a social media strategy, and how to create one
How to execute a social media strategy

By understanding the various ways to use social media, companies can then effectively harness the power of these largely free and low-cost tools to engage with clients in ways only imagined a few years ago. While there's no barrier for anyone to access the tools, too often companies end up squandering valuable time and resources on social media. The tools allow for a very different and unique way to market to consumers, which many businesses are still trying to grasp.
Patrick Garmoe
Real Time Bidding -- An Overview

There has been a significant shift in the world of digital display advertising. Marketers now have the tools and ability to purchasing advertising based the individual impression and not in bulk. Publishers can place their unsold ad inventory in massive digital auctions, ensuring a higher monetization rate on all impressions. Michael provides an in-depth look at Real Time Bidding and how a new programmatic approach to advertising is changing everything.
Michael Ouellette
Real Time Analytics