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College of Marketing & Communications


Greg Bruner   Developing a Creative Strategic Plan
Reggie Brady   Email Marketing: Segmentation & Optimization Techniques
Greg Bruner and Mark Graham   Tools to Assist in the Creative Process
Pete Carney   Working with List Brokers and Managers
Steve Dexter   Interactive Marketing and List Usage
Tom Freeman   Using Words to Drive Direct Marketing: The Essentials of DM Copywriting
Lisa Freeman & Tom Klug   Motivating Creative That Drives Purchasing Behavior
Brian Handrigan   Intelligent E-mail: Marketing Creative Development and Assessment
Randy Hlavac   Creating and Communicating Value
Heather Hudetz   Developing A Cross-Sell Program In A B2B Environment
Grant A. Johnson   Measurement: The Distance Between Failure and Success
Grant Johnson   Marketing Trends Today
Doug King   The Direct Paradigm - the 5 Most Guarded Secrets for Putting Your Database to Work for You in the Mail
Carol Worthington-Levy   12 CREATIVE Steps to your Successful Direct Marketing Effort EVER
George McHale   Mail Works. With your Data, With Your Media Plan, With Your Customer Communication
John Miglautsch   Integrated Marketing: Looking at Your Sales Channels
Mike Naples   ROM$ (Return on Marketing Dollars)
Maurice Parisian & Brian Handrigan   Optimizing Marketing Communication with Quantitative Analysis
Bill Schneider and Sandra Gudat   Using Customer Segmentation to Drive Creative Strategy
Cynthia Wheaton   Circulation Planning: The Requisites
Greg Whiteman   The Value of Direct Mail
Randi Wine   Relationships and the Creative Process


guy_at_computer_40Better equip yourself and your associates by learning from Data University subject matter experts in these specific areas. You should expect to enhance your skill and knowledge levels, while generating many ideas that will help your organization become more profitable.

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